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Thyroid Hormone Imbalance Symptoms

Thyroid Hormone Imbalances SymptomsThyroid gland is located in the neck and below the Adam’s apple. This gland is responsible for the production and releasing of hormones that are used to regulate growth, metabolism, energy and the utilization of vitamins. Thyroid problems may result to thyroid hormone imbalances symptoms and this may lead to hyperthyroidism, which is the excessive production of thyroid hormones, or hypothyroidism, which is a deficiency of thyroid hormones.

What are the Symptoms of Hypothyroidism?

The symptoms of hypothyroidism are very common in women. Cases of hypothyroidism in pregnant women usually results to stillbirths and the fetus are at risk of having anemia. Symptoms of hyperthyroidism are different in adults, infants and children. For infants, some of the main symptoms of hyperthyroidism include jaundice, poor feeding, sleepiness, constipation and fatigue. Symptoms of such condition in children are almost the same in adults except that children also has increased difficulty in dealing with school works, thus leading to poor grades.

In adults, early symptoms of such condition include carpal tunnel syndrome, constipation, getting tired easily and low tolerance of cold. Later symptoms, on the other hand, include anorexia, dry skin, and falling hair, development of deep voice, depression, increased weight and puffy eyes.

What are the Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism?

Hyperthyroidism in adults include symptoms such as hand tremors, nervousness, hot sensation even in cold temperatures, decreased menstruation or no menstruation at all, increased sweating, reduced weight and increased bowel movements. Adults may also experience joint paints, insomnia and poor concentration. Elder women may also experience chest pain or angina, especially if they are already suffering from certain heart conditions. Frequent shortness of breath and weakened muscles in the shoulders and thighs are experienced as well.

In case you are experiencing any of the thyroid hormone imbalances symptoms mentioned above, do not hesitate to consult your doctor immediately. Such condition requires immediate treatment in order to restore the balance of thyroid hormones, cure the condition, and alleviate its symptoms.


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